Leveling Up

Recently, I have been feeling the need to use my time more wisely. Since I am no longer in school, I thought I should use the time that I have to invest in becoming a more well rounded individual (tying it back to the whole Sophrosyne concept).

I am thankful to have a career that constantly challenges me to learn, but I do need to get away from veterinary medicine when I can. At this point in my young career, there are days where it is difficult to leave the thoughts of work at work. However, I believe I have taken a step, an expensive step, in the right direction!

Hello FluentU! I have committed $240.00 (a year’s subscription) towards re-learning Japanese! I am feeling pretty motivated right now, and I am hoping this feeling will last a year. I will be sure to occasionally update this blog with my progress and whether or not I think it is worth the money. It was a mildly impulsive decision, but I wanted to get back to studying and learning a language that interested me. Last night I started some lessons around midnight and called it quits at 2:00AM. My first thought was, “I am glad I already know hiragana and katakana.” I do not know how you could jump into even the beginner level without knowing hiragana or katana on this site because it does not utilize romaji (Japanese in Latin script). If anyone is interested in learning Japanese on FluentU, I highly recommend learning hiragana and katakana on your own first. I spent most of the night trying to get my handwriting under control. My main goal is to be able to speak comfortably in Japanese and learn as much kanji (this is the main reason I state that I want to get my handwriting under control – I must write neatly as a personal standard) as I can.

A picture of the beginning, or the struggle, is shown below.


As a slightly late update, I did go to Virginia Beach on Thanksgiving weekend  because my mother wanted to spend some quality time together. It was raining, the wind was blowing, and my socks were wet, but it was a memorable time. The shops closer to the beach were either closed or empty, but I did manage to buy a good amount of salt water taffy to bring back home.

Shown below is a low quality video composed of low quality footage and minimal photos taken on my Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge because I did not want to take my Canon DSLR onto a beach. And in all honesty, I wanted to listen to the whole song, so I stretched out the limited material to fit the end of the piece. With that said, enjoy the music and do not expect much of anything. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and until next time, またね (see you later)!


Disclaimer: I do not make videos, and I spent way too much of my day playing with this.

One thought on “Leveling Up

  1. Yes I hope you continue to update your blog!
    You have a かわいい (I just copied and pasted it so I hope it’s right…heh heh) Japanese handwriting! I’m guessing you’re able to type in Japanese as well? I hope your investment in FluentU is worth it and worth your time to re-learn Japanese!
    Your video is not that bad quality! Yiruma’s music makes anything better~ haha

    I really enjoy reading your blog so hope you keep it up! またね!

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