I am having a wonderful weekend. I had my first weekend off in 3 weeks, and it was great to meet new faces, while catching up with old ones.

Thankfully, I am at home safe and warm, while it continues to snow outside at this time. I am not quite sure how I will be going to work tomorrow morning, but tomorrow will worry about itself I say!

This weather has put me in a wonderful mood, so I have provided a small movie for everyone’s enjoyment! 風邪をひかないように気をつけてください!

Kaze o hikanai yo ni kiwotsukete kudasai (Please be careful not to catch a cold)

Update: 7:21PM Eastern Time. I will not be going to work tomorrow! My first weekend off in three weeks just turned into a four day weekend! Hallelujah, thank you Jesus! Time to study some Japanese, instead of sleeping by 8:00 PM in order to slowly try to drive to work on time. As I said above, “tomorrow will worry about itself.”

One thought on “Snow

  1. LOLOLOL! I was drooling when I saw….(ok I won’t ruin it, lol)
    Thank you for the wonderful video!
    Wow lots of snowing, perfect music, and I love the lighted window!
    Seemed like a perfect day to stay cozy inside your home~~ 😉


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