Hello! It has been a long time since I last wrote. My last blog post was written in January, welcoming the new year, and now it is the end of March.

My last couple of months have been mostly work focused I’d say. There are days where time could not move any slower, and then there are those days that feel so rushed. In terms of work, I feel that I am learning quickly and most importantly, learning how to leave work at work. Also, I am very blessed to be working with an amazing team of people who make the days brighter. The puppy and kitten exams help too (veterinarian speaking)! I am known to be a “puppy hog,” but can you blame me? However, there are just some days where you want to just hop on a plane and travel to another country, forever… When I save up enough PTO, here I come Thailand!

In recent news, I spent this weekend learning about finances. Yes, I am 26 and acknowledge that I am truly lacking in the subject. I would call myself a conservative spender, spending money within my means, however I honestly did not know what to do with the money I was earning. Of course, I am making payments towards my generous debt from my veterinary education, but the question is, what else should I be doing financially? All I can say is thank goodness my brother decided to take the route of finance as his career of choice and not science!

I had an opportunity to educate myself and ask my brother questions that I felt I should already know at this age. In my defense though, I have been in school since forever and graduated as a veterinarian in 2018… Ok, it is not really an excuse, but I am getting there. To wrap it up, I am going to invest in some stocks and keep learning about the ways of finances. Am I going to lose money? Probably, but it will be a good experience, and I always spend within my means. I am also going to aim towards paying off my student loans in 3 years instead of 10 years. I am not sure how that is going to pan out and what sacrifices I will have to make, but here we go!

After having accepted a deep conviction to become financially more aware of my choices, my beloved Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge started flickering non-stop. I reset my phone and when only a black screen greeted me, I felt panic. I clicked random buttons and my screen came back on with an intense flickering of green, as if my Galaxy 7 Edge was threatening to leave me. I made the decision to go to my nearest Verizon store. Thankfully my Edge started freaking out at 4PM and Verizon closed at 6PM. I knew my phone was a lost cause even before I was greeted. My Edge had been having screen issues for the past month, and I had already looked up the Samsung Galaxy 10 and 10+. Without too much hesitation ….


I will miss you Edge! You have served me well.

To refer back to my list for 2019

  1. Travel to at least five different states.
  2. Travel internationally to a country I have never visited before.
  3. Meet up with old friends that I have lost contact with.
  4. Be conversational in Japanese.
  5. Get in the habit of exercising.
  6. Make a significant financial purchase. New cell + stocks!
  7. Cook or bake at least 10 different foods and blog about it.

I have been cooking, just not blogging 🙂
Have a wonderful week everyone! If anyone wants to discuss stocks with me and give me some tips, I am all ears.

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